Nouveaux climats, nouveaux rivages

Klima met en lien des projets et des personnes qui pensent et créent l’adaptation au changement climatique des territoires littoraux. Nous explorons la polysémie des imaginaires à travers le monde pour repenser notre relation au rivage et à l'océan.

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Converging Coastlines

Klima aims to highlight the diversity of adaptive solutions to climate change. We want to explore the polysemy of new imaginaries to rethink our relationship to shore and ocean.

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Klima, our goals


Coastal territories as a laboratory for adapting to climate change


To overcome the catastrophist visions surrounding climate change, it seemed essential to us to rediscover the desire to be creative and explore new imaginaries. How can we make a critical situation the catalyst for a renewal of the way we live in our environment, which is thought of on a scale that is both personal and common? 

Klima was formed around the exploration of the shorelines because they carry such contemporary problems on a global scale that they become study fields of universal value. The unlimited horizon, the nourishing shore, the seaside myth, the call of deep water, the hope for a better life, the international trade, the ecosystems of rare richness and the foreseeable consequences of climate change… Polysemous, the coastlines are therefore carrying environmental, poetic and social challenges.

In response to these observations, Klima’s actions are developing in four directions: the creation of an international cartography linking emerging coastal adaptation projects, the publication of climate magazines and the writing of articles giving a voice to those who think, test and create adaptation. We want to experiment new forms of creation as well as new ways of telling the story of ongoing changes.

Klima ONG is based in both Paris and La Rochelle. It received launch support from the Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition in 2018.